Intake and Offer Conversation Package

Intake and Offer Conversation Package


This package contains two 60-90 in person or online/phone conversations and a personalized program.

The Intake Conversation

Is an exploration of you and your current reality, desires, and challenges. We will dig beneath the surface of what you bring to the exchange and by the end of this meeting we will have clarified an inspiring and workable mission statement to guide our work together.

The Offer Conversation

Is where I reflect back to you all that you have shared with me in the form of a custom program containing powerful metaphors and clear objectives to move you into a new way of being. In this conversation we will agree to a number of cycles of development to kick off your program. You will leave this conversation with your first exercise containing daily observation and reflection work.

Cycles of Development

Each individual cycle includes a 60-90 minute, one on one or online conversation and a new practice with daily and weekly reflection work. One on one sessions are always spaced 2-3 weeks apart to give time for integration and deep reflection.

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