Move. Meditate. Manifest Your Best Self.

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Radical Self-Love Program

90 minute in-person or online personal coaching session

Self Assessment Questionnaire

Personal guided audio meditation

Practices and daily journaling for 6 weeks

Essential Self-Care Meditation Bundle

Five meditations to meet your self-maintenance needs. Just as the weather changes from day to day, so does your inner landscape.


5 Meditations



Sweet Dreams

Clear the Screen of the Mind

Deep Listening


Intake and Offer Conversation Package

This package contains two 60-90 in person or online/phone conversations and a personalized program.

Latest Podcast

Life Coach and Yoga Teacher Jessica Magnan is in the studio to share her experience of guiding others in their journey of self-awareness and growth. Together we explore the power of building a relationship with ourselves, understanding "God" as Love and why it's never too late to change our story. This is one of my favourite episodes yet! Check out her podcast "Magnanimous Warrior" to hear more of Jessica's phenomenal work and insights.