Jess Magnan

Find Your Flow

From stress reduction, pain management to core strength, there is a yoga for everything and everyone. My teaching style is a Hatha and Vinyasa Flow. Lots of movement and challenges interspersed with moments of quiet reflection to address the spiritual component of the practice. Come meditate with me or find me teaching at these studios.

Yoga Classes

Pure Yoga

  • Thursday 12:30pm - Downtown Location

  • Friday 6:30am - Centretown Location 


  • Monday 4:30pm

  • Tuesday 10:30am

  • Wednesday 12:00pm

Meditation Classes


  • Friday 11:45am

Home Studio

  • Wednesday 7 - 8pm


Upcoming Workshops

Join Jessica Magnan as she guides you through a two hour practice to Cleanse, Contemplate, and Clarify.

Past Workshops


This workshop will give you an experiential understanding of pose mechanics, alignment, and effects as well as a deeper sense of embodiment at the internal level. Be prepared to move, breathe, absorb, and experience.


Four hour session combines meditation and coaching techniques to bring about powerful personal transformation.

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Need a clear sense of what’s most important to you right NOW and a vivid sense of how to embody the ideals of your desires?