Meditation is Boring

One of my teachers said once that ‘boredom is mastery’. He went on to explain that in meditation, we aspire to a state in which there is stillness or neutrality in the mind. This essentially means that there is no mental drama unfolding. No fantasising, no worrying, no judging, no movement from that middle ground between more and less. We could also call this Balance.

Neutral is neutral. You cannot be more or less neutral. You are neutral or you are not.

The sneaky voice of the ego is that voice which would always have you believe that this moment is not enough. Not meaningful enough, not exciting enough, not compelling enough, not good enough. Underlying this, the belief that you are also not enough.

The ego has one simple goal: to convince you that the next thing (or a former thing, an OTHER thing) is better than this thing, or that this current version of you is not enough. It’s not always a matter of pointing out some overtly problematic aspect of yourself or your reality but often shows up as a comparative measuring of yourself against those who are ‘further along’ or more seemingly more interesting than you are.

The problem with this as you may have guessed, is that it is an endless cycle. There will always be something more and conversely, there will always be someone or something that seems to be ‘less than’ you that you can judge as a way of bolstering yourself.

But either way, you lose.

Your balance.

This place of balance or neutrality is so illusive because for so long, and for many of us, for our entire lives – we have either felt better than or less than. Rarely do we stop and revel in how we are equal, the same, enough, whole, connected. We are literally addicted to the drama of judgement. Even when we think we are being kind in our assessment of a person or a situation, a tiny part of us (ego, and it is tiny) is using it to judge and therefore create an imbalance in worth, value, and stature. Whether we are placing ourselves in the position of being less or more, we are choosing imbalance.

Meditation is boring because we are being asked to drop all of the comparisons, the differences, the filters, the drama. We are asked, or rather invited – to rise above the battlefield and rest in our oneness, our likeness, our true nature.

There is no other. And this means no one is special. And this also means, everyone is special. This means we don’t have to fight so hard, try so hard, this means that we are already enough and already welcome to be free and enjoy our lives.

Boring? Not so much. Just foreign.

There is a quote from A Course in Miracles that says ‘it’s not difficult, its different’. We have simply become accustomed to the difficulty of this competitive environment in which we mistakenly believe we have to prove our worth. We are so used to it, we feel bored in moments of non-doing.

Meditation is the practice of sitting in the ‘boredom’ until the impulse to seek out drama and imbalance drops away and our true creativity can emerge. It is as though an invisible portal opens up when we allow the non-doing to restore us to our wholeness. It is here we can actually feel that in the supposed boredom, balance is restored. This feeling is so compelling that we start to realize this is where things actually get very exciting.

When that tiny voice of the ego shuts up, we can hear the truth- that as equals, in ,the absence of our judgement of one another, we are powerful beyond measure and this is anything but boring.

With love, Jess.