Expression vs Depression

In many of the great spiritual traditions there is this idea that each and every one of us is coded for greatness in our own unique way. In the same way the seed of a mighty oak tree contains all the information needed for its perfect growth and maturation, so too does the seed of consciousness within each human being.

We often speak of the Spirit or the Higher Self as something abstract or beyond us, when the truth is that it lives within us. In each moment Spirit is just waiting to be expressed through our physical bodies.

The trouble is that instead of being expressed, spirit is often depressed.

As explained by the great Kundalini teacher Guru Singh, our sense of Self becomes depressed when we allow the pressures of the external environment to garner so much of our attention (energy), that the inner environment collapses or deflates. When this happens, we allow the outer world of expectation, the opinions of. others, and the influence of the media to pull us in multiple directions and fragment our self of self. We become divergent in our energy rather than coherent and it is virtually impossible to stay on liberatthe path of our highest calling. We live in a constant state of tension, pressure, stress and friction.

Meditation can be thought of as a way of pressurizing the inner environment to stand up to the immense external pressures that are sure to persist. From this place its like we have plugged in to a higher energy source that allows us to see more clearly the path of our greatness.

The tricky thing to come to terms with is that we are not asked to come up with a plan or strategy, we are simply meant to tend the inner environment to the extent that it can serve as a durable, expansive container and channel for the light that wants to shine through us.

It is often said that the voice of the Truth or Higher Consciousness speaks gently, quietly. The voice of the small self or the ego is constantly reacting to and judging its environment – this voice ‘always speaks first and always speaks loudest’. By learning to remove our attention from the flailing of the small self, we allow the inflation of the true Self. With this inflation comes a sense of ease, joy, liberation, and knowing.

Our work in meditation is to set the stage or clear the space. That is all. The rest is in the bag.

In this meditation practice, we will use mantra to quiet the voice of the small self and affirm the presence of the Higher Self. The mantra (to be repeated internally) is ‘Sat Nam’. ‘Sat’ means Truth and 'Nam’ means name or identity. You will inhale and silently say Sat, exhaling Nam. As the small self attempts to pull you off on tangents, gently bring yourself back over and over again to the mantra with each breath.