Feel Good Giving

As you know, we are here to acknowledge and experience the feel-good effects of giving. Just before we get into the meditation, I wanted to take a few moments to offer my perspective on what it means to be generous and how this kind of mindset can extend into and enhance all areas of our lives.

A teacher of mine describes generosity as the choice to offer the most favorable assessment of a person or situation, no matter what. There is a word for this which just happens to contain my last name in its spelling. To be generous of spirit, or to be Magnanimous – is the refusal to descend into the pettiness of judgement and negative thinking. One who repeatedly chooses to lift their perception to the most positive potentials, is a gift to the world around them.

For some reason, as humans we tend to focus on what’s lacking, what’s not good enough and what’s problematic. We judge. One of the major benefits of a regular meditation practice is the development of the mental or attitudinal musculature needed to steer out of negative thinking.

The feeling of someone seeing the best in you, seeing your potential, seeing your innocence and your heart, is to experience the most powerful form of generosity. To give the benefit of the doubt, to give someone a break, to give someone slack or credit or grace, is to remind them of their goodness. The greatest gift you can give another is the gift of your expectation of their success or belief in their potential.

The beautiful thing about approaching people and situations in this way, is that when you choose to look through this lens, you automatically extend this gift to yourself.

When you focus on the good, your thoughts change. When you can do this regularly, your beliefs, and perceptions change. As a result, you actually change the signals that are being sent to your cells. Your body chemistry changes depending on the kinds of thoughts you are thinking. Quite simply - good thoughts produce good chemicals, and toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals.

When we can make a habit of this kind of generosity, we naturally align with our own highest potential. It is from this place of alignment that we may truly give in a way that contributes to the greater good. In other words, it is not so much what we give, but what we give our attention to. When we can elevate our thinking in this way, we will always feel good giving.

That said, I would like to guide you in this special meditation, through a series of visualizations in which you will imagine the success, health, and overall wellness of a few different individuals and groups. Please sit back, smile, close your eyes and welcome yourself here. It is no coincidence we find ourselves congregated for this purpose, your presence and goodness are so appreciated and so needed.

  • Someone you love/admire…

  • A stranger/acquaintance

  • Someone you struggle with/judge

  • A group or a cause you perceive as in need of generosity (maybe you judge this group)

…from where they are now to more success/wealth/health etc