Emotional Upgrade

In my last blog Emotional Detox, I explored the way emotions are like a glue holding together our perceptions. Each thought produces an emotional or chemical response that is either positive or negative. From here we begin to generate more thoughts that are in accordance with this feeling state, or mood. Our beliefs are made up of the thoughts we keep thinking but the trouble is that we are often more willing to accept the validity of negative or unfavorable thoughts.

In other words, we are far too tolerant of negative emotion.

Law of Attraction states that when you feel negative emotion, there is a disagreement between your opinion of what is and the opinion of your Inner Being, or Best Self. If your inner response to a subject is to your disadvantage, you will feel negative emotion. This is because your Inner being ‘always offers a perspective that is to your greatest advantage, and when your perspective matches that, then positive attraction is occurring’. (Abraham Hicks - Law of Attraction)

For example, imagine you have just gone through an experience in which things did not turn out favourably for you. Imagine yourself mentally rehashing the experience and your opinion of yourself is that you should have done better. You compare yourself to others or perhaps a past version of yourself and you begin to feel worse. The opinion of your Inner Being is that you are doing just fine, that you are exactly where you need to be and that the only thing wrong in this scenario is your opinion of yourself.

You will know that you are in the process of creating or prolonging something that you do not want when you are feeling negative emotion. This does not mean that we should aim to never feel negative emotion again but rather use the awareness of this feeling state to redirect our thoughts toward a more positive perspective. In meditation, we build the musculature needed to be able to first identify the feeling state brought on by our thinking and then skillfully select more helpful thoughts. It’s not so much about avoiding difficulty but like steering in the direction of skid, we take a stance of non-resistance in order to work with the circumstance and come out the other side with more traction.

The implication is that if we would change our thoughts to reflect the greatest advantage to us, we would evoke different emotions and find ourselves chemically altered. The object of our thinking, combined with our emotional energy, is a powerful magnet whether positive or negative.  So, if we are deliberately choosing thoughts of a favorable nature, we can be certain we are setting the chemical conditions for the production of more advantageous thoughts and steadily moving in the direction of what our Inner Being knows we desire.

To practice, begin with a simple breath meditation. As you inhale, envision yourself writing the number ‘33’ on a chalk board, as you exhale – see yourself erase the board. On your next inhale, write ‘32’ on the board and erase with your exhale. Continue this way all the way until you reach “1”. Then call to mind something unwanted. Notice the feeling state brought on by this line of thinking and gradually begin to guide the thoughts to a more positive perspective. The goal will be to evoke a sense of relief by selecting soothing thoughts around the topic. The technique is to ‘zoom out’ and begin with more general statements that reframe the topic in a more positive way. From here, you gradually gain positive traction. You may then move into a visualization of the optimal scenario. The goal here is to evoke highly positive emotions. The more pleasant detail you fill in, the more your point of attraction improves.