Everything You Want is Downstream

Imagine yourself in a rowboat. You have been paddling against the current for some time now. You could keep going but you are becoming increasingly aware of fatigue. Almost robotically you keep paddling.

Now imagine yourself in a moment of exhaustion. Without thinking, you let go of the oars and allow the boat to turn around and flow downstream. As you begin to flow with the current, a sense of ease washes over you as though you had just been informed that the current of the stream is actually headed in the direction of everything you want.

This beautiful analogy comes from the teachings of Abraham Hicks on the Law of Attraction. The major message here is that WE DON’T HAVE TO TRY SO HARD.

Even just hearing this, we feel a sense of relief. When we can evoke this response in place of our normal default of resistance or paddling upstream, we literally elevate our energy and change our point of attraction.

The Law of Attraction teachings state that it only takes about 17 seconds to get a significant amount of momentum going in any direction of thought. This means that if you focus on something negative for 17 seconds, you start to find an array of similarly negative thoughts and feelings clamouring for your attention.

The tricky part here is that over time as problem solving beings, we have become conditioned to live in a state of resistance. We could describe this as hypervigilance – a state of constant striving to avoid danger by attempting to control external circumstances. When it comes to the nervous system, this protective state is also known as fight or flight. What was once a very useful mechanism for survival has now become something of an outdated program causing fragmentation of the operating system. Despite the presence of almost zero danger in our modern lives, we continue to call on fight or flight to avoid discomfort of any kind. This translates into worrying, overanalyzing, trying to predict, and so on. We have reached a point where we are easily and frequently entering fight or flight by thinking alone. Energetically, when we are in fight or flight we are sending out a signal of distress. The basic premise of Law of Attraction is that whatever we send out energetically, we get back.

Think of your deepest, truest desires as pooling in a reservoir at the end of your constant stream of experience. Now think of your personal, emotional energy as the guidance system that will either point you upstream and further away from these desires or carry you effortlessly downstream. When you feel negative emotion, it means you have turned away from your deepest and truest desires either in thought or in action. When you feel positive emotion, it means you are moving in the direction of all that you are meant for.

For this to work in our favour as it is meant to, you must learn to shift your thinking in the direction of your desires, back downstream. You must be able to reword and reframe until you feel relief; until the energetic message we broadcast is saying: all is well.

Our meditation practice is a place to develop the awareness needed to catch ourselves pushing against the current and the trust to let it take us back in the direction of all we desire.