In Faith

There is no such thing as a faithless person. As it is proposed in A Course in Miracles, this concept simply suggests that we can put our faith in fear or we can put our faith in Love.

We can choose to judge, or we can choose to Forgive. We can believe we are all separate or we can believe in our oneness. In every moment, we have this choice.

When we believe we are separate from one another, we see ourselves as in competition with one another. It is this belief that causes us to measure ourselves against others, to compare and to judge. From this stance we are living by the assumption that there is not enough to go around, that some are more entitled to wealth, connection, and love, than others. This lack mentality further entrenches our tendency to judge and perceive the divisions and hierarchies that keep us separate.

To put one’s faith in something is to live by that thing, to think and act with conviction around that thing. In looking around the world today, it is not hard to see the effects of fear and of judgement. War, poverty, addiction, mental illness, physical illness, etc. From A Course in Miracles perspective, each of the aforementioned forms of dysfunction can be attributed to our individual and collective faith in the notion of separation. At this point in history, it seems more realistic to expect conflict, dysfunction, and suffering than it is to entertain peace, cooperation, and wholeness. Why? Because whatever we put our faith in, we generate more of.

Marianne Williamson challenges us to look at our addiction to ambition. She asks us to consider the sly way in which the ego disguises its toxic need to keep us separate from one another through competition and comparison. The trick of the ego is to keep us in a perpetual state of not good enough, and it is this illusion that locks us into an endless cycle of feeling better than or worse than, but never at peace. When we manage to finally feel we are better than, we have fallen into a trap. We are fearful to lose our status, and if we are worse than, we are judgemental of ourselves for failing and resentful of others for being further ahead.

To put our faith in Love, Forgiveness, and Oneness – is to replace ambition with inspiration. We become inspired by recognizing that if a fellow human is doing well and living a great life, this is proof we can do the same. It is said in The Course that all minds are joined. What this means is that what we think about and feel toward another, we strengthen in ourselves. Quite simply, when we rejoice in the success of another, we put our faith in success for all our fellow humans, including ourselves. There is another line from The Course, ‘we become generous out of Self-interest’. By offering the most generous assessment of any other being and by blessing and wishing them well, we automatically position ourselves to receive the same blessings back upon us. We put our faith in the good, the light, the innocence of humanity and the abundance of the universe.

It is often said that it is only our thinking that makes us different. Over thousands of years, we have become conditioned toward thinking that promotes a perception of separation. It is said in The Course, that to think with Love rather than fear in any given moment, is our only purpose here. We choose, over and over again – to be the Self we are capable of being. The higher Self. This is the Miracle Moment.

Part of the reason meditation is so popular now is that we are feeling more fearful and more separate than ever. We feel desperate, disconnected and disillusioned. The ego would love for us to remain here. When we meditate, we rise above the illusion of separateness and we remove our faith from fear. We trust that a force greater than us, can restore us to sanity. We do this simply by disengaging from the voice of ambition needing to assert our position. We let go of comparison and competition, we sit still, we quiet down.

In faith.

With devotion and awareness, we can loosen the stronghold that fear has on us. In time we find a stunning correlation between our ability to think with Love and our sense of connection, wholeness and peace.