Beyond the Form

In teaching yoga, I often propose the idea that the body is a learning device and that the ‘curriculum’ is letting go. We start with the physical body because it is the densest expression of our being – the most tangible and obvious.

It is said that when we reach a certain level of physical refinement, we can then extend our attention to the unseen, more subtle aspects of our being –   the energetics.

Enter meditation.

In many forms of meditation, the aim is to take the attention from physical form to empty space or from matter to energy. Physically and visually, we disengage from the outer world and begin the work of detaching from various thought forms. This is where the skill of letting go that we have honed with our physical bodies becomes even more powerful. We take our attention from known things, to no-things. Essentially, we let go of what is, to explore what is possible.

When we give our attention to something, we give our energy to that thing and bring it to life. The trouble is that we often give our attention to what is already manifest and therefore tend to recreate more of the same. We unconsciously hold on to what is because it provides a sense of stability and control. Because of this, we become convinced that what we see is fact, or law – even if it’s less than desirable. We become attached to what is and cut ourselves off from what could be. Our scope is narrow and limited.

Joe Dispenza often says that our energy is our broadcast and that what we send out as a broadcast, we attract back to us. Vibrationally, we become a match to whatever it is that we focus upon. So, when we focus on and cling to what is, we generate more of it. In order to become an energetic match to what we truly desire and live the lives of our dreams, we must first be able to effectively detach from the vibration of what is.

In meditation, it is as though we allow a more powerful and more intelligent energy to take over and steer for us. The longer we can stay in this place of no-thing, the more effective we become at using our minds for manifesting. We can engage in the powerful practice of believing without yet seeing and attract people, circumstances, and conditions that share the vibration of what we most want.

In tonight’s meditation we will begin with attention on the body to quiet the mind. We will then play around with what the Buddhists refer to as open focus meditation as a way of detaching from form. And finally, we will get into some guided visualization to refine the broadcast.